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Cribl LogStream 2.0

about a year ago by dritan bitincka

2019-10-22 - Cribl LogStream 2.0 - GA Release

New Features

Scale Up and Out

  • Added support for scaling up within a host and out across a number of hosts for improved processing performance. See Scaling and Distributed Deployment docs for more.

Configuration Authoring and Management

Configuration Version Control

  • Added support for configuration versioning and auditing through git.

Centralized Monitoring

  • Added support for centralized monitoring of a single & distributed deployment.
  • New Monitoring dashboard with a number of chart covering most operational aspects.

LDAP Authentication

  • Added support for enterprise LDAP authentication.

New Data Source: SQS

New Data Source: S3 via SQS Notifications

New Data Destination: SQS

New Function: Flatten

  • Added a new Flatten function to help with re-shaping nested events. More here.

Improvements or Changes

  • Added support for Splunk HEC acknowledgements.
  • Added support for Splunk indexer discovery when outputting to a Splunk indexer cluster.
  • Optimizations and tuning improvements in Persistent Queuing.
  • Optimizations and tuning improvements in destination status reporting.
  • A large number of general UX improvements, including new colors, layouts etc.
  • Shipped a new license that expires on 2020-02-02.