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v1.6 Release

7 months ago by dritan bitincka

2019-06-17 - Cribl LogStream v1.6 is now available.

New Features

Streaming Aggregations

  • Added support for real-time, tumbling window streaming aggregations.
  • Aggregate functions include; min, max, avg, earliest, latest and many more.
  • Aggregations support arbitrary filtering via where() and aliasing via as().
  • More here: Aggregations

Support for Metrics In

  • Added support for accepting metric formats: StatsD, StatsD Extended, Graphite with automatic protocol detection. More here.

Support for Metrics Out

Support for AWS Cloudwatch Logs

Support for Azure Monitor Logs

Publish Metrics Function

  • Added support for extracting, formatting and outputting metrics from log events. More here.

Prometheus Publisher Function

  • Added support for publishing metrics Prometheus compatible endpoint. More here.

Reverse DNS Function

  • Added support for resolving hostnames using an IP address. More here.

Improvements or Changes

  • Significant Preivew UX improvements; new event/raw views, preview logs, downloads etc.
  • Added support for sending Samples/Captures through routes/pipelines and out of the system.
  • Added support for reload/restart and upgrade from within the management UI.
  • Improved various functions (Mask, Parse etc.) to support Wildcarded List of fields.
  • Added more data in diag bundle to help with troubleshooting.
  • Added support for gzip in TCPJSON and HTTP based inputs.
  • Added REST API documentation: API Docs
  • General UX improvements and Fixes
  • Shipped a new license that expires on Sep 30, 2019.

Cribl Standalone CLI utility

  • Improved to support and detect log errors.