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about a year ago by dritan bitincka


  • Improvement: CRIBL-2142 Increased default Splunk Destination Write Timeout to 60000 ms.
  • Improvement: CRIBL-2282 Added ability to autodetect if a file fetched from S3 is gzip compressed.
  • Improved: CRIBL-2241 Added ability of S3 output to expose ACL on objects.
  • Improved: CRIBL-2332 Added support for self signed certificates for OIDC providers.
  • Fix: CRIBL-1602 Addressed an issue with PQ handling out of order buffer deliveries.
  • Fix: CRIBL-1914 Addressed an issue where GUI web server was not sending HSTS strict headers
  • Fix: CRIBL-2098 Addressed an issue where Splunk Destination would not properly report bytes out
  • Fix: CRIBL-2110 Addressed an issue where Charts in Monitoring > Destinations would not show correct unit for thruput.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2119 Addressed an issue where conditioning pipelines had incorrect links when viewing from Master mode.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2130 Addressed an issue with Master slowing down when source/sourcetype/index/host metrics enabled
  • Fix: CRIBL-2159 Addressed an issue where in Sample data Save to Library button is misaligned.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2161 Addressed an issue where there was high memory consumption with SplunkLB outputs.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2217 Addressed an issue with uncaughtException: Cannot read property of undefined.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2218 Addressed an issue with uncaughtException: InvalidSeriesError: memory freed.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2223 Addressed an issue where Fluentd HEC plugin would fail to send data to Cribl LogStream.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2246 Addressed an issue with pasting a comma separated list in : format in Splunk LB Destination.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2252 Addressed an issue where license id in phonehome would show 'TOTAL'.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2255 Addressed an issue where elastic license breakage.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2270 Addressed an issue with diag to use a whitelist rather than blacklist of dirs.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2271 Addressed an issue where commit API endpoint missing from swagger.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2280 Addressed an issue where systemd config file is marked executable.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2289 Addressed an issue where importing JSON sample data results in improper event breaking.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2324 Addressed an issue with Lookups with bad headers.