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Download entire manual as PDF – v.3.1.2

v2.1.4 Release

about a year ago by dritan bitincka


  • Improvement: CRIBL-2539 Added support for a health endpoint for HEC Source.
  • Improvement: CRIBL-2350 Added support for S3 notifications that are sent to SQS via SNS.
  • Improvement: CRIBL-2398 Added support for local time for datagen timestamps.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2280 Addressed an issue where systemd config file was marked executable.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2633 Addressed an issue with stray escape chars on the KV-parser.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2349 Addressed an issue with Config Helpers input/output service period.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2352 Addressed an issue with the Swagger file showing incorrect type for ID.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2373 Addressed an issue with OPTIONS HTTP verb in Splunk HEC.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2469 Addressed an issue where Capture would fail sporadically.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2493 Addressed an issue with non-OSS Filebeat v6.x.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2566 Addressed an issue where Num Receivers in SQS source were not displayed.
  • Fix: CRIBL-2625 Addressed an issue with UnhandledRejection – Error type.