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v2.2.2 Release

about a year ago by Michael Katz
  • Fix: CRIBL-3135 Improved SQS/S3 logging to identify duplicate messages about same file.

  • Fix: CRIBL-2741 Corrected Eval Function's treatment of expressions with nested JSON arrays.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3132 Corrected memory leak with multiple HTTPS outbound connections by updating Node.js to 12.18.2.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3133 Corrected SSO failure when specifying port numbers in authentication URL.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3136 Corrected false 0% events count when using Route Groups in Distributed mode.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3137 Applied ISO time format to removing bundle event type.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3138 Corrected S3 Sources' mismatched status indicator (green vs. red).

  • Fix: CRIBL-3144 Added several missing AWS Regions for S3: Cape Town, Milan, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Bahrain.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3147 Added Mask Function popup's missing Match Regex and Replace Expression labels.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3243 Fixed worker process management mechanism responsible for reloading configs upon deployment.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3148 Added missing Passphrase field under Settings > General Settings > API Server > SSL.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3174 Corrected Job Inspector's unintended enabling of Custom Command Processor.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3195 Corrected Cribl Event Breaker's loss of JSON envelope metadata.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3218 Slimmed down oversized SSO > JWT token.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3263 Corrected Persistent Queue files' failure to flush from disk, with multiple resends to Destinations.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3039 Corrected API schema to enable new display rendering options.

  • Fix: CRIBL-2604 Corrected Settings > Controls typo.