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v2.3.1 Release

about a year ago by Michael Katz

2020-09-23 - Cribl LogStream 2.3.1 – Maintenance Release

  • Improvement: CRIBL-3606 Added ability to display, export, and import individual Worker Processes' CPU profiles at System Settings > Worker Processes.

  • Improvement: CRIBL-3559 Job Inspector now displays timestamps in simplified, more-legible format.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3590 Corrected a flaw that prevented LogStream 2.3.0 from starting on RHEL6/7.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3588 Corrected a regression that prevented starting LogStream 2.3.0 with OpenID Connect (OIDC).

  • Fix: CRIBL-3600, CRIBL-3602 Corrected a flaw that hid the top menu's Worker Group and Mappings tabs after upgrading to LogStream 2.3.0 with an existing production license.

  • Security Fix: CRIBL-3579 Upgraded Node.js version to 12.18.4 to address a security flaw (HTTP request smuggling via CR-to-hyphen conversion, CVE-2020-8201).

  • Fix: CRIBL-3605 S3 Source now has a configurable Advanced Settings > Socket timeout option, to prevent data loss (partial downloading of logs) during backpressure delays.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3580 Corrected Office 365 Sources' failure to properly update polling interval with > 1 Worker Node.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3576 Chart pop-ups now respect time ranges selected on the parent Monitoring page.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3599 Corrected overflow of internal Cribl metrics after capturing data that contains source/hosts/sourcetype/index fields.

  • Fix: CRIBL-3271 Routes now gain proper focus after click-through from attached Pipelines.

  • Fix: CRIBL-2884 A warning banner now appears when viewing/editing Worker Node configurations on the Worker’s UI: "Configs managed by Master. Changes won’t be persisted."

  • Fix: CRIBL-3572 When switching between Worker Groups on the Collectors/Job Inspector pages, the Deploy button is now disabled when there are no configuration changes to deploy.