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v2.3.3 Release

11 months ago by Michael Katz

2020-11-9 - Cribl LogStream 2.3.3 – Maintenance Release

  • Fix: CRIBL-3650 Kinesis Firehose Source: Increased JSON parser's buffer size to prevent overflow 500 errors
  • Fix: CRIBL-3819 Corrected a bug that prevented naming and saving new Event Breaker Rules
  • Fix: CRIBL-3792 Corrected a bug that prevented the S3 Collector from enabling AssumeRole
  • Fix: CRIBL-3805 Routes > Events In/Out/Dropped controls now appear on an Events drop-down, to accommodate smaller screens
  • Fix: CRIBL-3834 Restored S3 Source's Filename Filter field
  • Fix: CRIBL-3772 Corrected Distributed Settings UI's display of default settings instead of saved changes
  • Fix: CRIBL-3719 Tags set via the command line now persist across LogStream restarts
  • Fix: CRIBL-3831 Corrected parent metrics' total.out_events count for Splunk Load Balanced Destination
  • Fix: CRIBL-3779 Prevented config helper from loading lookup files, to prevent crashes with large files
  • Fix: CRIBL-3843 Improved performance of Monitoring > Sources dashboard
  • Fix: CRIBL-3763 Added .cpuprofile files to .gitignore, to exclude them from commits
  • Fix: CRIBL-3827 Corrected masking of events in Preview pane
  • Fix: CRIBL-3808 Tooltips now appear on all of left pane's column headers and fields, even if right pane is not collapsed
  • Fix: CRIBL-3758 Moved split pane's expand/ collapse button to top, to prevent overlap with Intercom widget
  • Fix: CRIBL-3826 Corrected position of Capture Sample Data modal's Filter Expression history drop-down