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v2.4.2 Release

8 months ago by Michael Katz

2021-02-16 - Cribl LogStream 2.4.2 – Maintenance Release

New Features

This release provides the following improvements:

CRIBL-2015 The S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, MinIO, and Filesystem Destinations now support generating file names programmatically via expressions.

CRIBL-4241 The New Relic Destination now enables adding extra metadata fields to events.

CRIBL-4367 On hover, past version/commit messages now display a tooltip identifying the user who made each change.

CRIBL-4371 Input fields (JavaScript and regex) now provide a button to copy out values.

CRIBL-4271 Keyword search now provides typeahead completion of Source and Destination names.

CRIBL-4162 Worker Groups' System Settings > General > API Server Settings > TLS Certificate Name auto‑populate option has been converted from a drop-down to a button, for clarity.


This release includes the following fixes:

Security and Authentication Fixes

CRIBL-4228 Master instances no longer log GitHub errors with GitHub passwords in plaintext.

CRIBL-4433 The MinIO Destination UI's Authentication tab now provides a Secret key field as intended.

CRIBL-4439 Admin users can no longer delete themselves.

CRIBL-4352 User names are now normalized upon creation, removing trailing spaces, to allow deletion later.

CRIBL-4456 Upon creating a new Local User, the Confirm password field is now empty, as intended.

CRIBL-4394 The passphrase is now populated as intended in Settings > General > API Server Settings > TLS.

CRIBL-4315 The Settings > Authentication > LDAP > Role Mapping section now allows adding mappings for similar (non-duplicate) external group names without deleting existing mappings.

CRIBL-3987 The Change Password dialog now requires confirming the new password, to avoid errors.

Functional Fixes

CRIBL-4447 The Splunk HEC Source now processes JSON payloads containing embedded objects without triggering data loss or high CPU usage.

CRIBL-4465 Corrected a Job Inspector bug that blanked out system jobs' Settings tab.

CRIBL-4414 Corrected a bug in the Splunk Load Balanced Destination that displayed Workers reporting a 404 status.

Data Preview Fixes

CRIBL-4335 When saving sample data as a file, modifying the file name no longer disables the Expiration field.

CRIBL-4397 Switching the Preview Pane from Quick Stats to Preview Simple no longer incorrectly displays the contents of the "Sample Data" tab.

CRIBL-4365 The Preview pane's diff view has been corrected to strike out the intended fields.

UX/UI Fixes

CRIBL-4310 Silenced "The roles for some users have not been configured" error message after roles have been assigned to all users (and the resulting configs deployed).

CRIBL-4379 Silenced the Change Password dialog's red error indicator upon entering ≥ 8 characters.

CRIBL-4406 The CLI no longer displays a misleading "error: invalid option" message when responding with valid usage details.

CRIBL-3980 In Worker Groups, clicking a row outside the group name now displays full details, rather than a modal containing only the group's ID.

CRIBL-4124 Corrected a delay in charting metrics for collection jobs.

CRIBL-4244 Selecting System > Distributed > Git Settings no longer displays remote repo options on license types that do not support them.

CRIBL-4392 "Exerting backpressure" messages have been relaxed to appear after a slight delay. Also, recovery from backpressure is now confirmed within internal logs.

CRIBL-4398 The Logs viewer no longer shows bounding box.

Documentation Fixes

CRIBL-3217 API Docs for endpoints returning a PaginatedListResults class now list the types of items wrapped into the class instance.

CRIBL-4366 The API Docs schema has been corrected to resolve validation errors.