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v.3.0.1 Release

4 months ago by Michael Katz

2021-05-25 – Cribl LogStream 3.0.1 – Maintenance Release


CRIBL-5311 Corrected the following Functions' triggering of Pipeline functional or display errors: DNS Lookup, Reverse DNS, GeoIP, Redis, and Tee.

CRIBL-5308 Corrected broken loading of Custom Functions.

CRIBL-5318 Corrected loading of conf.schema.json (and Version field) for Packs' Custom Functions.

CRIBL-5309 Corrected installation of Packs containing Custom Functions that reference node_modules.

CRIBL-5290 Custom Functions are now correctly exported via Packs' Export > Merge mode.

CRIBL-5338 On distributed deployments via Docker, corrected Packs' deployment to Workers.

CRIBL-4928 Splunk Sources now support multiple-metric events, as intended.

CRIBL-5317 In the Mask Function, existing Apply to fields entries are now editable.

CRIBL-5272 In distributed deployments, refreshing the Upgrade page no longer triggers a failed permissions check.

CRIBL-5302 The left nav's Changes fly-out now properly closes upon pressing Commit.

CRIBL-5323 In Pipelines' Function groups, corrected double connecting lines to single.