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v3.0.3 Release

3 months ago by Abe Raher

2021-07-01 – Cribl LogStream 3.0.3 – Maintenance Release

New Features

This release provides the following LogStream Cloud UI improvements:

CRIBL-5569 List workers in the Cribl.Cloud UI.

CRIBL-5582, CRIBL-5553 Ensure that Tenant ID link is correct in Staging and Development environments.


This release includes the following fixes:

CRIBL-5538 Stopped showing spurious "should have required property" error when saving Upgrade settings.

CRIBL-5492 Stopped event from disappearing when its Basic Statistics button was clicked.

CRIBL-5334 The install‑ script no longer fails on CentOS.

CRIBL-5429 Confirmed LogStream Elasticsearch API Source's compatibility with Beats 7.13.

CRIBL-5511 Corrected Docker Deployment instructions to prevent port collisions.

CRIBL-5525 Updated Lookups Library and Pipeline docs with the maximum number of rows in a lookup table.

Rolled the docs version up to 3.0.3 with the above corrections, plus other incremental fixes (also backfilled to the v.3.0 docs).