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v3.0.4 Release

3 months ago by Abe Raher

2021-07-20 – Cribl LogStream 3.0.4 – Maintenance Release

New Features

This release provides the following improvements:

CRIBL-5571 The Azure Monitor Logs Destination now allows specifying resourceId at the event level, overwriting the Resource ID field's value.

CRIBL-5365, CRIBL-5609 The Monitoring > Licensing chart can now display 90, 180, or 365 days' worth of Daily Usage data.


This release includes the following fixes:

Source, Destination, and Collector Fixes

CRIBL-5344 LogStream now correctly line-breaks multi-line JSON events from the AppScope Source.

CRIBL-5478 The Splunk Load Balanced Destination now correctly reconnects to Splunk indexers following rolling restarts.

CRIBL-5630 Corrected the Google Cloud Storage Collector's unintended repeat downloads of the same file.

CRIBL-5661 Using C.Time.strftime in a Collector URL no longer generates a malformed URI error.

Authentication, API, and CLI Fixes

CRIBL-5536 LogStream now aborts startup when there is a risk of overwriting a shared master key (cribl.secret) stored in the HashiCorp Vault KMS.

CRIBL-5546 The /system/lookups/ endpoint no longer erroneously returns a count of 1 for a nonexistent object.

Packs and Upgrades Fixes

CRIBL-5686 The Pack creation logic is improved to prevent packs being spuriously removed.

UX/UI Fixes

CRIBL-5677 The Regex editor no longer creates unnecessary line breaks when rendering text that includes an r\n\ sequence.

CRIBL-5516 The Manage AppScope Sources page now includes Help links.

CRIBL-5626 Removed extra Back to add link from Add Pipeline page.

CRIBL-5602 The What's New indicator no longer persists after users clear it.

CRIBL-5624 Corrected LogStream Cloud Welcome page's malformed links.

CRIBL-5660 The DNS Lookup Function now allows Reverse DNS lookups without a forward lookup.

Documentation Fixes

CRIBL-5358 Documented Collectors' Job Limits.

CRIBL-5675 Documented supported/tested Linux distros for ARM64 processors.

CRIBL-5333 Configuration Files documentation is expanded and updated to cover all .yml config files and their available settings.