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Getting started with Cribl LogStream

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About Cribl LogStream

Getting started with Cribl LogStream

What is Cribl LogStream?

Cribl LogStream helps you process machine data - logs, instrumentation data, application data, metrics, etc. - in real-time and deliver them to your analysis platform of choice. It allows you to:

  • Add context to your data by enriching with information from external data sources
  • Help secure your data by redacting, obfuscating or encrypting sensitive fields
  • Optimize your data per your performance and cost requirements .

Cribl LogStream ships in a single, no-dependencies package and provides a refreshing and modern interface for working and transforming your data. It scales with and works inline with your existing infrastructure and it is transparent to your applications.

Who is Cribl LogStream for?

Cribl LogStream is built for administrators, managers and users of operational and security intelligence products and services.

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About Cribl LogStream

Getting started with Cribl LogStream

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