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Docker Deployment

Use this docker-compose.yml to stand up a LogStream distributed deployment:

version: '3.5'
    image: ${CRIBL_IMAGE:-cribl/cribl:latest}
      - CRIBL_DIST_MODE=master
      - CRIBL_DIST_MASTER_URL=tcp://[email protected]:4200
      - CRIBL_VOLUME_DIR=/opt/cribl/config-volume
      - "19000:9000"
      - "~/cribl-config:/opt/cribl/config-volume"
    image: ${CRIBL_IMAGE:-cribl/cribl:latest}
      - master
      - CRIBL_DIST_MODE=worker
      - CRIBL_DIST_MASTER_URL=tcp://[email protected]:4200
      - "29000-29020:9000"

This uses a local directory, ~/cribl-config, as the configuration store for LogStream. This directory must exist before you run the docker-compose command.

If you prefer to use ephemeral storage, simply delete line 8 (the CRIBL_VOLUME_DIR definition) and lines 11–12 (the volumes configuration) before running the docker-compose command.

To deploy a Leader Node, plus (e.g.) two Workers already configured and wired up to the Leader, use this command:

docker-compose up -d --scale workers=2

To deploy a different number of Workers, just change the workers=2 value. By default, the above command pulls the freshest stable image (tagged cribl/cribl:latest) from Cribl's Docker Hub. It defaults to the following URLs and ports:

If your Leader is crashing with two Workers, make sure you are allocating enough memory to Docker.

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Docker Deployment

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