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Kubernetes/Helm Deployment

Cribl's leader and workergroup Helm charts provide a fast way to deploy a distributed LogStream environment to a Kubernetes cluster.


Helm version 3 is required to use these charts.

To install Helm on (e.g.) a Mac, using Homebrew:

brew install helm

Find instructions for other operation systems in Helm's installation documentation.


If you haven't done so already, create a namespace. Our documentation example uses logstream.

kubectl create namespace logstream

Add the Cribl Helm repo.

helm repo add cribl

The following example creates a distributed deployment with two autoscaled worker groups, pcilogs and system-metrics. It uses an auth token of ABCDEF01-1234-5678-ABCD-ABCDEF012345, sets an admin password, and installs our license:

helm install ls-leader cribl/logstream-leader \
  --set "config.groups={pcilogs,system-metrics}" \
  --set config.token="ABCDEF01-1234-5678-ABCD-ABCDEF012345" \
  --set config.adminPassword="<admin password>" \
  --set config.license="<license key>" \
  -n logstream

helm install ls-wg-pci cribl/logstream-workergroup \
  --set"ls-leader-internal" \
  --set config.tag="pcilogs" \
  --set config.token="ABCDEF01-1234-5678-ABCD-ABCDEF012345" \
  -n logstream

helm install ls-wg-system-metrics cribl/logstream-workergroup \
  --set"ls-leader-internal" \
  --set config.tag="system-metrics" \
  --set config.token="ABCDEF01-1234-5678-ABCD-ABCDEF012345" \
  -n logstream

Running Distributed on a Free License

If you do not specify a license in your install with config.license, and you want to run distributed, you'll need to go to LogStream's Settings > Licensing UI page and accept the Free license. (The Free license allows one worker group.) If your Helm configuration includes the config.groups option, the LogStream Leader Node will be configured as a distributed Leader. If you omit that option, it will be configured as a single instance. (You can later use LogStream's Settings > Distributed page to select Mode: Leader.)


Upgrading LogStream to new bits via Helm is easy. Sync up your repo to the origin, and then upgrade each chart version. The example below updates to the current version, but you can append --version X.Y.Z if you want to specify a particular version.

helm repo update
helm upgrade ls-leader cribl/logstream-leader -n logstream
helm upgrade ls-wg-pci cribl/logstream-workergroup -n logstream
helm upgrade ls-wg-system-metrics cribl/logstream-workergroup -n logstream

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Kubernetes/Helm Deployment

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