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Grok Patterns Library

What Is the Grok Patterns Library

Cribl LogStream ships with a Grok Patterns Library that contains a set of pre-built common patterns, organized as files.

Grok Patterns Library

Managing Library Patterns

You can access the Grok Patterns Library in the UI by selecting Knowledge > Grok Patterns. The library contains several pattern files that Cribl provides for basic Grok scenarios, and is searchable.

To edit a pattern file, click Edit in its Actions column.

To create a new pattern file, click + Add New. In the resulting Create Grok Patterns modal, assign a unique Filename, populate the file with patterns, then click Save.

Adding Grok patterns


Pattern files reside in: $CRIBL_HOME/(default|local)/cribl/grok-patterns/

Using Grok Patterns

In the current LogStream version, you apply Grok patterns by inserting a Grok Function into a Pipeline, then manually typing or pasting patterns into the Pattern field(s).

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Grok Patterns Library

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