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Azure Event Hubs

Cribl LogStream supports receiving data records from Azure Event Hubs.


Type: Pull | TLS Support: YES (secure API) | Event Breaker Support: No

Configuring Cribl LogStream to Receive Data from Azure Event Hubs

Select Data > Sources, then select Azure Event Hubs from the Data Sources page's tiles or left menu. Click Add New to open the Azure Event Hubs > New Source modal, which provides the following fields.

General Settings

Input ID: Enter a unique name to identify this source definition.

Brokers: List of Event Hubs Kafka brokers to connect to, e.g., Get the hostname from the host portion of the primary or secondary connection string in Shared Access Policies.

Event Hub name: The name of the Event Hub (a.k.a. Kafka Topic) to subscribe to.

Group ID: Specifies the name of the consumer group to which this Cribl LogStream instance belongs. Should always be $Default for Event Hubs.

From beginning: Whether to start reading from the earliest available data. Relevant only during initial subscription. Defaults to Yes.

TLS Settings (Client Side)

Enabled: Defaults to Yes.

Validate server certs: Whether to reject connections to servers without signed certificates. Defaults to No – and for Event Hubs, must always be disabled.


Enabled: Defaults to No. When toggled to Yes:

  • SASL mechanism: SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer) authentication mechanism to use. Currently, PLAIN is the only mechanism supported for Event Hubs Kafka brokers.

  • Username: The username for authentication. For Event Hubs, this should always be $ConnectionString.

  • Password: Event Hubs primary or secondary connection string. From Microsoft's documentation, the format is:


    Example entry:


Processing Settings

Fields (Metadata)

In this section, you can add fields/metadata to each event using Eval-like functionality.

Name: Field name.

Value: JavaScript expression to compute field's value (can be a constant).


In this section's Pipeline drop-down list, you can select a single existing Pipeline to process data from this input before the data is sent through the Routes.

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Azure Event Hubs

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