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Cribl LogStream supports generating of data from datagen files. See Using Datagens for more details.


Type: Internal | TLS Support: N/A | Event Breaker Support: No

Configuring Cribl LogStream to Generate Sample Data

Select Data > Sources, then select Datagens from the Data Sources page's tiles or left menu. Click Add New to open the Datagens > New Source pane, which provides the following fields.

General Settings

Input ID: Enter a unique name to identify this Source definition.

Datagens: List of datagens.

  • Data generator file: Name of the datagen file.

  • Events per second per Worker Node: Maximum number of events to generate per second, per worker node. Defaults to 10.

Processing Settings

Fields (Metadata)

In this section, you can add fields/metadata to each event using Eval-like functionality.

Name: Field name.

Value: JavaScript expression to compute field's value (can be a constant).


In this section's Pipeline drop-down list, you can select a single existing Pipeline to process data from this input before the data is sent through the Routes.

Internal Fields

Cribl LogStream uses a set of internal fields to assist in handling of data. These "meta" fields are not part of an event, but they are accessible, and Functions can use them to make processing decisions.

Fields for this Source:

  • __inputId

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