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Cribl LogStream supports receiving of data over syslog.


Type: Push | TLS Support: YES | Event Breaker Support: No

This Syslog Source supports RFC 3164 and RFC 5424.

Configuring Cribl LogStream to Receive Data over Syslog

From the top nav of a LogStream instance or Group, select Sources, then select [Push >] Syslog from the Data Sources page's tiles or the Sources left nav. Click + Add New to open the Syslog > New Source modal, which provides the fields outlined below.


LogStream ships with a Syslog Source preconfigured to listen for both UDP and TCP traffic on Port 9514. You can clone or directly modify this Source to further configure it, and then enable it.

General Settings

Input ID: Enter a unique name to identify this Syslog Source definition.

Address: Enter the hostname/IP on which to listen for data., E.g. localhost or

UDP port: Enter the UDP port number to listen on. Not required if listening on TCP.


The maximum supported inbound UDP message size is 16,384 bytes.

TCP port: Enter the TCP port number to listen on. Not required if listening on UDP.

Fields to keep: List of fields from source data to retain and pass through. Supports wildcards. Defaults to * wildcard, meaning keep all fields. Fields not specified here (by wildcard or specific name) will be removed from the event.

TLS Settings (TCP Only)

Enabled defaults to No. When toggled to Yes:

Certificate name: Name of the predefined certificate.

Private key path: Path on server where to find the private key to use in PEM format. Path can reference $ENV_VARS.

Passphrase: Passphrase to use to decrypt private key.

Certificate path: Server path at which to find certificates (in PEM format) to use. Path can reference $ENV_VARS.

CA certificate path: Server path at which to find CA certificates (in PEM format) to use. Path can reference $ENV_VARS.

Authenticate client (mutual auth): Require clients to present their certificates. Used to perform mutual authentication using SSL certs. Defaults to No. When toggled to Yes:

  • Validate client certs: Reject certificates that are not authorized by a CA in the CA certificate path, or by another trusted CA (e.g., the system's CA). Defaults to No.

  • Common name: Regex matching subject common names in peer certificates allowed to connect. Defaults to .*. Matches on the substring after CN=. As needed, escape regex tokens to match literal characters. E.g., to match the subject CN=worker.cribl.local, you would enter: worker\.cribl\.local.

Minimum TLS version: Optionally, select the minimum TLS version to accept from connections.

Maximum TLS version: Optionally, select the maximum TLS version to accept from connections.


In a Cribl.Cloud deployment, do not set the TLS Settings (TCP Only) tab's Enabled slider to Yes, nor configure any of the tab's resulting TLS fields. Any settings that you configure here would conflict with the LogStream Cloud Source's predefined TLS configuration.

Processing Settings

Fields (Metadata)

In this section, you can add fields/metadata to each event, using Eval-like functionality.

Name: Field name.

Value: JavaScript expression to compute field's value (can be a constant).


In this section's Pipeline drop-down list, you can select a single existing Pipeline to process data from this input before the data is sent through the Routes.

Advanced Settings

Enable Proxy Protocol: Enable if the connection is proxied by a device that supports Proxy Protocol v1 or v2.

IP whitelist regex: Regex matching IP addresses that are allowed to send data. Defaults to .* (i.e., all IPs).

Max buffer size (events) : Maximum number of events to buffer when downstream is blocking. The buffer is only in memory. (This setting is applicable only to UDP syslog.)

Default timezone: Timezone to assign to timestamps that omit timezone info. Accept the default Local value, or use the drop-down list to select a specific timezone by city name or GMT/UTC offset.

Single msg per UDP: Whether to treat UDP packet data received as a full syslog message. Defaults to No. (I.e., newlines in the packet will be treated as event delimiters.)

Internal Fields

Cribl LogStream uses a set of internal fields to assist in handling of data. These "meta" fields are not part of an event, but are accessible and Functions can use them to make processing decisions.

Fields for this Source:

  • __inputId
  • __srcIpPort
  • __syslogFail: true for data that fails RFC 3164/5424 validation as syslog format.

TCP Event Delimiter

Within TCP streams, LogStream's Syslog Source currently supports only non-transparent framing to split multiple events, according to RFC 6587, section 3.4.2. Specifically, it supports only \n as the trailer character.

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