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Version: 3.2


Prefer to watch rather than read? These (mostly) brief demonstrations will help you identify and apply LogStream features that meet your needs.

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Concept Videos

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Introducing Cribl LogStream

Conceptual overview of LogStream's capabilities

Concept – Notifications

Brief walkthrough of LogStream 3.1+'s Notification capabilities

Concept – The Code Function

Brief walkthrough of LogStream 3.1+'s Code Function

Concept: LogStream Cloud

Conceptual walkthrough of Cribl's LogStream Cloud offering

Sign up for a Cribl.Cloud account at:

Concept: AppScope

Brief walkthrough of Cribl's open-source AppScope project

Concept: Receive

A quick walkthrough of LogStream's data ingestion capabilities

Concept: Reduce

A quick walkthrough of LogStream's data reduction capabilities

Concept: Transform

A quick walkthrough of LogStream's data transformation capabilities

Concept: Collect

A quick overview of LogStream's data collection capabilities

Concept: Pipelines

A brief conceptual walkthrough of how Pipelines work in LogStream

Concept: Routes

A brief conceptual walkthrough of how LogStream routes data

Concept: Role-Based Access Control

A quick walkthrough of LogStream's RBAC and audit logging capabilities

Concept: Redis Lookups

A brief walkthrough of the LogStream's Redis Function, and of how to use it to enrich your data

How-to Videos

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How-to: Notifications

A quick walkthrough of sending LogStream Notifications via Webhooks to a Slack target.

How-to: The Code Function

A quick walkthrough of how to use LogStream 3.1+'s Code Function.

How-to: Common Source Configuration

A quick walkthrough of LogStream Sources' common attributes

How-to: Creating a Pipeline

A quick walkthrough of the steps to create a LogStream Pipeline

How-to: Creating a Route

A walkthrough of creating a Route in LogStream

How-to: Configuring an S3 Data Collector

Learn how to create a data collector to pull data from AWS S3 buckets

How-to: Configuring a REST API Data Collector

A walkthrough on creating a data collector to pull data from a REST API

How-to: Data Collection Scheduling

A brief walkthrough on scheduling data collection jobs in LogStream

How-to: Securing Logstream

Use TLS to secure a LogStream distributed deployment

How-to: Logstream Fault Tolerance

Recover a failed Leader Node from a remote Git repository

How-to: Worker Group–to–Worker Group Communication

Streaming data between two Worker Groups – more details in this blog post

How-to: Access the Cribl Support Portal

Sign up for the Support Portal and submit detailed cases